August 2020

PDF version of the transcript from A.L.I.E.N.S.

A first statement from Unvereinbar, a bastion of irreconcilable multiplicities, an ecosystem of fragments and fugitive planning. Crafted in the year prior to the summer of 2020, this first effort reflects the malaise and isolation of the vast and warming landscapes of the so-called American Southwest. In longing anticipation for the wave of revolts from Beirut to Hong Kong, Santiago to Port-Au-Prince, to come crashing on the shores of this continent, the virus revealed Happytown to be just what it was, a mirage. From within the piece, one can feel something coming, a reckoning for Dogville that would arrive in late May of this year. The riots have indeed come. The wagons are being circled. The decisive battles are still ahead. Sharpen your truths.


  In this floating world with its cargo of brutality, there are many things that want to be said. Living & Fighting will say a few of them. It is a necessarily rude gesture in cyberspace, hopefully exceeding it. This excess is our desire and its refusal to settle into an automatic life.

  L&F circulates a multiplicity of fragments from the so-called Southwest.

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