January 2022
Sadie bat Kalman

Over the coming weeks, as we turn to the new year, L&F will be publishing a series of short pieces on the theme “A Vision of the Future.” The initial pieces are the result of a housewarming gathering at a friend’s house in southern Arizona with the same prompt. Friends brought dreams, poems, interpretative dances, speeches, and theses on the theme, instructed to keep them under 3 minutes long.

because in future’s tomorrow

the first fig, the lilac sticky&sappy&finger-dripping,

the bitter wave & the water bearer, and eyes open endless time,

the oleander yearning, the trails paced overgrown & easy,

the passing time carves souls gently, the gloaming & the ironweed,

and bittersweet, endless, always, real slow, seeds planted,

and the first order of business, taking only what grows back in double,

and the altar not mine, nor yours: the abundance, an acorn squash in a rickety oven;

the rivers, causeways, bridges, tunnels, eels, worms, and lovely dead:

the milkweed filaments casting shadows real slow

and today we all eat from the same bowl, peaches drip we kiss our friends,

and we’ve learned to be dandelions: subtle and sweet, and tomatoes: round and full,

the layers, the love, the field awash with thorns, bright with petals:

the always someone who turns the lights off, someone to walk gently- the achey atmosphere and the mouth of the sun open wide- someone will take my olive hands in theirs, and like moths drawn toward the light, we’ll make a big pot of rice and sleep never alone.


  In this floating world with its cargo of brutality, there are many things that want to be said. Living & Fighting will say a few of them. It is a necessarily rude gesture in cyberspace, hopefully exceeding it. This excess is our desire and its refusal to settle into an automatic life.

  L&F circulates a multiplicity of fragments from the so-called Southwest.

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