June 2020

This piece was not written by L&F. It was sent to us by a friend. We posted it in the way it was received.

we have to rid ourselves of contradictions. why would any event be co-hosted with the enemy?
no space should be given to the pigs ever, but especially not in this moment.
the very reason we’re out here is to protest them. as Kwame Ture has made abundantly clear, “there is no middle ground.” it’s fuck the police. straight like that.

during the candlelight vigil for George Floyd at the dunbar pavilion, after nearly 2 hours of pandering to a predominantly white crowd about the need to “remain peaceful” and “vote”, a small group of Black femme and nonbinary organizers took the stage to speak the truth.

they led calls of ACAB, ‘the system will not be reformed’ and ‘the oppressor will never free the oppressed’ all while being shouted down and dismissed by the event sponsors/organizers.

even as the crowd chanted “let them speak” the primarily African American cishet male sponsors refused. it is time to treat the entire system not just the symptoms (racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, whorephobia, misogyny/misogynoir, fatphobia and much more).

when we said ‘no justice, no peace’ we meant it.
it is a grave error to separate “peaceful protestors” from protestors who engage in directly dismantling the system and defending themselves against police.

people can now see the current reality for what it is. they know the system is working as it was designed.
the energy of this present moment cannot be co-opted by opportunists telling us to “vote” and “stay peaceful”. we must get organized and educate ourselves to bring about the total overhaul of this capitalist experiment.

—your local Pan-Africanist


  In this floating world with its cargo of brutality, there are many things that want to be said. Living & Fighting will say a few of them. It is a necessarily rude gesture in cyberspace, hopefully exceeding it. This excess is our desire and its refusal to settle into an automatic life.

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